Friday, April 26, 2013

9 Month Stats

Monday little miss Summer her 9 month well visit. Has it really been 9 months already!!?!? She is growing up to fast. She is healthy and reaching her milestones.

- weight is now 16lbs 13 oz (yup skinny baby, just like brother was) Dr isn't worried
- height 28 inches
- loves to "talk", can say da da, mmm, ma ma, eh (mainly just sounds are what those are)
- loves to make silly faces
- crawls like there's no tomorrow on her knees and does the spider/elephant walk
- pulls up on the the furniture and is trying to walk with the help of the furniture
- has the funniest laugh
- can pretty much self feed, loves to drink from her sippy cup
- love her pacifiers and you can always find with at least 2 with her if not more if she finds them
- has 2 teeth and about 3 more coming in :(
- still loves to fall asleep on mom and dad
- LOVES big brother and lights up when she sees him :)
- is in the stranger mode and will only want mom :( (still getting used to a clingy baby)

We love her to pieces!!!
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