Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Now that Thanksgiving is over I thought that I would post about it. Here's how it went. (sorry no pictures, my camera is having issues)

Day 1 - Woke up got dressed, opened the bathroom door to a very anxious 5 year old wanting to go play with his cousins. Of course I was not ready to go. Turned on the tv to the Macy's day parade to have him watch it. He really was not interested in watching it b/c he was asking me about every 5 mins if I was ready to go. That kid has a one track mind. Matt headed out to play some football with some friends and had fun. At about 10 am I was finally ready to go and so I gathered my items for the dish I was assigned, mashed potatoes, very easy to do. :) We got to my brother-in -laws house and hung out with everyone. Matt's sister was in town with her family and so that was fun to see her baby. By 1:30 pm everything was done, both turkeys cooked and all the sides dishes prepped, we actaully sat down to eat around 2:15 ish. It was nice to have an early dinner/lunch whatever you want to call it. By the time the evening rolled around everyone was ready for pie. yummy.

Day 2 - I had to go into to work. Bleh. :( But after I got home we headed back over to my brother-in-laws house to hang out some more. I was helping my niece with a murder mystery puzzle, which is tradition. Had fun and talked.

Day 3- Saturday, I ran a few errands, and got my Christmas cards mailed out. I can't believe that I got them out as early as I did. Go me! So if you gave me your address expect one in the mail very soon. :) I made some more clips for my Etsy store, I hope to have those listed soon, I just need to find a camera to borrow. Then at about 5:30 we headed back to my bro-in-laws for dinner. My niece and I worked more on the puzzle, but unfortunately we did not finish it, but did make a lot of progress on it.

Over all we had a great weekend and spent time with our family.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Look Mom!

Yesterday afternoon Scott comes running down stairs and excitedly says "I lost my tooth!" My baby has lost his first tooth. I can't believe that we are now entering the stage of loosing teeth. It's kinda weird to think of it.

So this morning when he woke up I asked what did the toothfairy bring you. He just shrugged his shoulder and so I told him to check under his pillow where he put his tooth. He lifted up the pillow and the expression on his face was priceless. He threw the pillow off the bed and said that he tooth was gone and he got some money. It wasn't much b/c the toothfairy is on a budget this year. Nonetheless he was excited with his 50 cents. So today we told him that he gets to pay tithing on it and he was really excited to give his tithing to the bishop.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall/Halloween 09

We have been busy this last week. It all started on Friday the 23rd with our new ward's Halloween Carnival. We got dressed played some fun games ate some good chili and hung out w/ great people. Then on Monday night we had family night at Mother Nature's Farm, where Scott got to decorate his own pumpkin. There was a fun hay maze, a bounce house and a hay ride.

Then on Friday the 30th we were invited to our old ward's Halloween party and had a blast with some old friends. We ate yummy food, not so good for you, roasted marshmallows and just had a great time. Halloween night I took Scott trick-o-treating around the neighborhood, then Megan, Jeremy and Adie stopped by and we did some more trick-o-treating and had a great time.

I've posted some pictures below. Enjoy!

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