Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas was full of festivities and it started on the 23rd.
December 23rd
This day has now become a tradition on my side of the family. As the family grows my Grandma has changed our traditonal Christmas Eve party to this day so that way she can see us and visit. Of course we had Mexican, eveyones fav and the white elephant gift exchange.
December 24th
This day was spent with Matt's side of the family. We had our traditional Favorite Things dinner. This year I brought Bruchetta, Matt brought breakfast burritos from Los Favoritos, and Scott brought a bowl of fresh cut broccoli, yes broccoli! I know my kid is weird. haha We had a LOT of food but it was fun. This year we spent the night at Matt's oldest brother's house, which was fun to wake up and watch the kids open their presents.

Our Potluck Christmas Eve dinner. Look at all that food!

Scott opening his Christmas pjs.

December 25th

Ah Christmas morning we woke up with the kids coming into our bedroom asking if were awake so that they could open presents. haha Silly kids, I had to shoo them away a few times b/c it waay too early! Once my nieces and nephews opened their presents Matt and I headed to my parents home to visit and so that Scott could open his presents from them. Legos, he got lots of Lego from both sets of grandparents and a big bucket from us. He loves them and no I don't step on them he puts them away. What?! A 6 year old that puts his legos away, actually he likes to spread them all over the loft, so they are no in my way. After that we came to our own house because we had some presents that we wanted to open on our own and a few BIG ones for Scott.

Scott opening his presents!

My pretty awesome gifts from the hubby.

Once we finished opening presents, we headed back to my BIL's house and had our traditional Gingerbread house contest, err . . competition. We paired up, Matt and I were a team and had a great idea. At least one adult and a kid were a team except us. It was a lot of fun. There was one rule and that was we could have ONE secret item. Did we follow that rule, NOPE, none of us did, we all "cheated", hahaha. We had a log cabin, that was ours, to the White House. After that they were judged and categorized. All in all it was fun day, which concluded with dinner.

This is what we had to work with that was communal.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to US!

As many of you know Matt and I are a year apart and our birthdays are 2 days, with Matt's being on the 18th and mine on the 20th. We have always celebrated our birthdays together. This year was no different. On Saturday it was Matt's birthday and he turned the BIG 30! I can't believe it!
So for his birthday I made him some yummy peanut butter bon bon or peanut butter buckeyes as some might call them. He LOVED them! You know why? Peanut Butter and Chocolate is his FAVORITE combination. Later that night we went to an ugly Christmas sweater party that one of Matt's co-worker had and they bought him a little cake and we all sang happy birthday to him. It was a lot of fun!
Then Sunday was our birthday dinner. The menu was pot roast and a yummy oriental cabbage salad, and for dessert angel cake with a stick frosting. We each had our own cake with our ages on them. After we were sung too it was race to see who could blow our their candles the fastest. I think that I won, but he says differently. haha I did end up getting a little frosting in my hair.

Monday was my birthday. Yep I am 29, next year I will have a big party. The day started out good when I got a text from Matt telling me happy birthday and my desk at work was decorated. :) Gotta love the co-workers. Earlier in the month they had a potluck for me and my supervisor for our birthdays. When I got home I saw a white bag on the table didn't think much of it until I went to clear off the table and Matt was like the box is right in front me. What? He bought me a pretty Pandora charm bracelet with a cupcake charm for my bday. Super cute and thoughtful, b/c I was not expecting anything at all. :) (good job honey.) Then Matt and Scott took me out for dinner. We went to Village Inn because we wanted breakfast for dinner and it was really good!

That pretty sums up our birthday weekend celebration.

My awesome Pandora charm bracelet!!
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