Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break - Pictures

Be prepared for a picture overload!! (these are just some of the picture I took)

It snowed, we played and even saw some local wildlife. :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break: Colorado Trip

This year I was very lucky in getting the time off for Spring Break. With the help of my sister Scott and I were able to go visit her and her family in Colorado for Spring Break. We left early Friday morning, the 12th from 40 degree morning weather in AZ to 50 degree all day weather in Colorado. My sister lives in Parker which is nestled between the Colorado Rockies and the Plains. It was really neat to see the mountains so close covered in snow.

Honestly we just pretty much bummed around. Sunday and Monday Scott was sick and then Monday night I got sick but was feeling better by Wednesday.

I helped my sister organize 2 of her closets. We had a 20% off coupon to the Container Store, which is a really cool store! Below are the before pictures. To see the afters click on the the word 'after' below each picture which will take you to my sister's blog. On Sunday I was tasked to measure the closets. Since Scott was sick we didn't go to church so to keep myself busy, which was about 30 mins, I had measured the closets and had written down the info. The closets looked pretty good once we were done.

Hall closet (craft closet) before and after

Loft closet before and after

Sunday it was snowing and by Monday morning the grass and trees were sprinkled with that white stuff. Then for the next 3 days it was clear and sunny in the 60's, but by Friday it was cold and snowing all day long. We tried to make it up to Denver to the museums but got stuck on the freeway because of mulitple accidents, so we decided to get off and found a local Library to cozy up in for a little bit before heading back to my sisters.

While I was there I was able to reconnect with an old friend from junior high. She came over monday for a little while to chat before her midterm. Then on Tuesday she and I went shopping and out to lunch. It was like we had never been apart for the last 11 years, give or take. Then wed my sister and I went to get a free makeover at the new Utla store that just opened up, where my friend works. It was fun to have some girl time and try new products. Sarah I'm sold, I'm totally buying the Bare Minerals makeup!!

Sorry that this isn't more exciting but like I mentioned earlier we pretty much bummed around and I was sick on top of that. I did take pictures and will post them soon.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Job for Matt

As promised I am posting about Matt's new job. Yes that's right! He was able to get a job somewhere, and that somewhere is Oregano's. It's only temorary until he can find something a little bit more permanent. His sister works there and was able to help out and get him the job. He has been on his own serving tables since last week and doing pretty good. Some nights are better than others as far as tips go but that's to be expected. One draw back is that he has to work Sunday nights. :( He wasn't to thrilled about the idea but I told him not to quit, but to ride it out and see if he could trade w/ someone once he gets the hang of it. It's nice to be able to have a little extra money coming in and he is grateful to be working. He only has to work 4 days which is nice. So YEA for work!!! He is also still looking for something else that would be more of a career than just a job.
I encourage anyone who reads this blog to please post a comment. I like to hear what people think.