Thursday, February 28, 2008


This evening Scott and I attempted to play Candyland. Trying to play a board game with a 3 year old is not easy.

Scott is setting up the game, but keeps getting distracted by the TV. Polar Express in playing on the DVD player.
Now he is attempting to read the instructions. Silly boy.

Now he is checking out the board and looking at the pictures of the characters. His favorite character is Princess Lolly.

Now he has decided to put the gingerbread kids on the board to actually start the game. Of course, I'm trying to teach him how to move the pieces according to the cards he has picked. But to no avail he has decided to play by his rules and move the pieces where he sees fit. After about 15 mins he gets bored and puts the game away and put in Thomas the Train movie. Maybe next time we can play the real way for a little bit longer.
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