Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scott Funnies

I thought that I should start documenting some of the funny things that Scott says. The kid is seriously hilarious!

Just recently Matt went out of town to Houston for business and he usually brings home a little gift for Scott. This time he brought Scott a couple stuffed animals and left them on his bed. So we get home and this is what Scott has to say about it. "Look mom! Daddy brought me a dog and rat!" LOL The rat is actually an armadillo.

For the summer my MIL has agreed to watch Scott for us on Mondays. She had related a conversation that she had with him on Monday afternoon on their way to Chick-fil-a (sp?) for lunch.

Scott - "Grammy waht does R.U.E spell?"
Grammy - " It says Rue."
S - "What does Rue mean?"
G - "It means street in French."
S - "I wonder if my dad knows how to say street in Russian? Grammy do you know how to say street in Chinese?"

LOL We were all laughing after she told us that.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Car Trouble

It all started Memorial weekend, the Saturday of Scott's birthday party, well actually it happened after the party was over and I was in the process of loading up the car. I turned on the car and drove into the driveway to get the present and other things that I had brought over to my in-laws for the party. Once I drove the car into the driveway I turned it off but the what was weird is that the radio didn't turn off and the message board on the radio was telling me the trunk was open. Huh? That's weird, I know that I closed the trunk before the party or did I? When I got home the radio still didn't want to turn off so I called my neighbor over, he's mechanic and had him look at it. He didn't know what was wrong either so he unhooked the battery to let it rest and to see if that would help. It worked and he also being a good neighbor he programmed my garage door opener to my car. :)

The next day, which was Sunday, the car was fine when I got to church the radio turned off. But when I got home the radio didn't want to turn off, what? So I waited until Matt got home from choir pratice so that he could show me how to lift the hood, I knew how to pop it but couldn't find the button/ lever to lift it open. He even showed me which wrench size to use to unhook the battery.

On Monday, Memorial Day, I made my way to the dealership. The car started to make a funny clicking noise, not normal. I get to the dealership again the radion didn't turn off when the car was off, but to top it off the Service department was closed, of course, it was a holiday. ERRR!! So I go home and decided that I was not going to do anything but stay home. When I got home I unhooked the battery so that the radio could turn off. Poor Scott he really wanted to go to Grammy's house and swim. :( I just didn't trust the car to go anywhere.

So on Tuesday, I had Matt drive me into work, so that he could take the car to the dealership to see what is going on with the car. Instead he takes it to Auto Zone and of course, the car was working for him, but he still made an appointment at the dealership for Friday.  Unfortuately Matt had to drive to Tucson the rest of the week, so that meant that I had to drive my possesed car to work.

On Wednesday, on my to take Scott to VIK, the school districts summer program, the car decided to unlock itself while we were driving. Weird. It continued to lock and unlock all the way to work. So I get to work and again the radio wouldn't turn off so I unhooked the battery, with my trusty wrench which I had in my purse. haha Okay, here's the weird part, the was FINE all the way home and the radio turned off after the car was off. I don't get it. This car is really having some issues. Friday, comes we take the car in and we are told that they have to order the part for the car to fix the radio, good thing it is under warranty.

Okay skip to the next week, still having the same issues, only this time on Wednesday morning, the car didn't lock when the car started, hmm. Didn't think much of it until I was at VIK dropping Scott off when the alarm decided to go off. Aye yiyi. I can't disarm the car b/c it won't lock or unlock so I take out my trusty wrench again and unhook the battery. That worked, for now. So I get to work, the radio turns off, but I had a weird feeling all day at work, rightfully so. After my work day was over I go out to the car, and sure enough my bad feeling was validated the car locked itself and I can't get in. LOL By now your probably thinking poor girl. No worries, though. I sent Matt a text, who by the way was in Houston for business, told him what happened. Suprisingly enough I'm not freaking out but very calm about my current situation. I call my dad, to let him know what has happened and that he needs to come get me at work. I go back inside to my desk and look up my insurance info and found out that I have roadside assistance, SCORE!!! I call them up and tell them I need a tow truck ASAP. I call the dealership and tell my service guy that I am having the car towed over to them, we had an appointment for Thursday anyway b/c the radio part came in. :) He said okay. My dad shows up take me to get a rental until the car is fixed. It takes the dealership 2 days to fix the car because not only was the radio wasn't working the alarm system wasn't either.

So today I have a functioning car, no fancy alarm system, new radio and they even fixed my keyless fob so now I can leave my key in my purse and start the car just like when we got it. SIGH

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Scott's 7th Birthday Party

This year for Scott's birthday we celebrated with a pool party. At first I was a little hesitant to b/c the combination of a lot of kids and water made me a nervous. But I gave in and it was all good, no one got hurt. We had a BBQ with hamburgers and hot dogs. We had fun with a pinata. Over all the kids and the adults all had a good time. I can't believe that my little boy is 7! Where has the time gone.

Scott blowing out his candle.

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