Monday, July 12, 2010

Ode to the Elephant

About a week ago I came home from work and Scott runs down the stairs and with saddness in his says, "mommy I lost my elephant."

I looked at him in shock and said, "You lost him? Where?"

My mother-n-law was in the kitchen and she said that it was true. They were at Walmart doing a little shopping and he must've left him on a shelf. Matt and Scott went back to the aisle that Scott was in and it was gone! They even went back again. I even took Scott back that evening to see if someone had found him. I even called the next day in vain hoping that an employee had found him. But to our dismay he was never found. Such a sad day. That elephant was his beloved stuffed animal, just like a blanket is to some kids that is what his elephant was to him.

Please a moment of silence as we mourn the loss of a family member.

Here is a slideshow to remember our beloved elephant. (if you look closely in the pictures elephant isn't too far.)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Girls Night: Eclipse

On Tues night, me and my friends had the opportunity to see Eclipse!

Karen had connections, so we were able to view it at 7 pm and not at midnight! I was so excited when she called me because I thought that I would have to forgo see this movie on opening night, but being able to watch it early and not have to wait in line with a bunch of screaming teenage girls was AWESOME! We walked right into our theater found our seats and waited for about 30 mins before the movie was to start.

Here we are waiting excitely for the movie to beginning!

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