Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy Birthday to Summer and Zoey

This year I had a little fun planning a birthday for both of the girls. Summer's birthday fell on a Saturday this year, 18th, and Zoey's will be a in a couple weeks. Also with Matt going out of town on 19th for training we decided to celebrate both together.

I ordered 2 cakes. A regular sized cake for Summer to blow out her candle and for us to eat from and a jumbo cupcake for Zoey to dig into.

They were simple cakes, Vanilla cake with a whipped cream frosting. It was super yummy! I love the cakes from Fry's.

Zoey loved every minute of it! She dug right in!

Summer had fallen asleep, so she was little grumpy and it took some coaxing to get her to cooperate. Finally Matt took her out into the garage to show her one of her presents. A BIKE!

Scott helping her on.
I like my bike, daddy!
Once the weather cools down we will teach her how to ride it. Right now it's way to HOT! Now that we got her interest she was ready to celebrate with us.

Daddy lighting up the candle
being sung to
blowing out the candle
mmm cake
I like this cake!
Then it was time to open presents. I didn't get any of Summer opening hers but I did get some of Zoey.

Once all the presents were opened we headed out to Makutu's Island. We invited Grammy and Papa to join us. Makutu's Island is an indoor play area. Summer was in heaven running around, Scott liked it to. He made sure she was safe climbing.

Before they started playing Summer immediately spotted a bungee jump. She wanted to do it. So Matt got her a ticket, she was upset that she couldn't go on it right away and had to wait her turn. Well her turn finally came and she loved every minute of it. I thought that she would be too scared to do it but no, she's a little daredevil. She even told the guy she wanted to go higher!

I found a toddler area for Zoey to explore and loved it and even tried to take some steps! She wanted to keep up with the other kids.

Just before we were to leave Summer wanted to ride on the little merry-go-round. So we put her and Zoey on it. Zoey did really well sitting there, either that or she was really unsure of what happening! haha

It was such a fun day for all of us.

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