Wednesday, August 26, 2015

12 Year Anniversary: Boston Trip Part 1

This year Matt and I celebrate 12 years of being married! I can't believe it! 12 YEARS!! This year we were able to afford a trip by ourselves! This was also the first time we have made a trip without kids. Yea us!

Well anyways, Matt was already in Connecticut for training for his new job. He had been out there the week prior, and his training ended a few days before our anniversary. So I thought that it would be fun to meet him out there so that I can experience Boston.

*sidenote: Matt has been to Boston a few times already. Also if you follow my on Instagram you probably have seen these pictures but now I'm dishing the details of the trip*

I made all the arrangements for the kids to be watched by their grandparents. They had fun while we were gone too. ;)

I took a redeye non-stop flight on Thursday, 8/29/15, and arrived in Boston early Friday morning. I tried to sleep on the plane, but the flight attendant didn't hear me ask for a blanket only a pillow. I had a window seat and 2 ladies next to me were knocked out and I didn't want to walk them up by binging for the flight attendant. So I tried to sleep I would wake up cold. errr. I have to be warm to fall asleep.

At the Boston airport, Matt and his friend Joe pick me up. It was non-stop adventure from there. We parked the car to take the public transportation. But I told the boys that I needed to change my clothes. I was wearing sandals and a skirt and if we were going to walking around town I wanted to be wearing good shoes. So I changed in the car, put on my walking shoes, literally my walking shoes, haha and headed down to the subway.

Our first stop was Harvard. Such a beautiful campus.

part of Harvard campus

founder of Harvard

After a short tour of Harvard we were starving, so we set out to find a place eat breakfast. At first Joe kept taking us to these little café style places, Matt wasn't at all please with these. He wanted to sit down and have a big breakfast. So I turned to my Yellowpages app on phone. Handy invention. I found a place to eat called The Friendly Toast. OMG!! This place is awesome and it's tucked away on MIT campus.

This is called the Mexican Mash.

So I ordered the Mexican Mash. It had mashed potatoes, with jalapenos and chorizo sausage. I had 2 overeasy eggs on top with their homemade wheat bread. VERY TASTY!! I couldn't eat the whole thing. So if you're ever in Cambridge I highly recommend The Friendly Toast, it gets 2 thumbs up from us!

Since we were already on MIT campus we down towards the Charles River to take some pictures of the cool buildings. Like this one.

While in front of this building there was another photo op.
Boston from across the Charles River

Pretty, huh? From there Joe wanted to take us to the Boston Marathon Finish Lne. So we walked back to the subway, but we did take a slight detour to Fenway. Matt really wanted to see it.
Then we headed to the Finish Line.

Although I'm not a marathon runner this was fun to see. There was some construction going on behind us to repair part of the buildings from the bombing that had happened here. Right next to it is the Boston Library. This building is gorgeous with amazing architectural features.

Once we took a look on the inside of the library, Joe said that we need to do the Freedom Trail. On our way to the start of the trail I saw this really cool window display.

Okay, so if you know me I like to sew and craft and this window is just plain awesome! It's a display for a clothing store, not sure which store, but I had to take a picture of it. Anyways, so from here we headed to the Boston Common. Beautiful park in the middle of the city.
Washington statue in the Boston Common

 I love seeing pieces of history on display. We took a little break here to rest and hydrate. It was a little humid and warm. Once we were rested we started making our way to the Freedom Trail, but with another slight detour. Matt wanted to see the Cheers bar. It was only a little ways down from the Boston Common. I didn't get a picture.

Okay, now we've made it to the Freedom Trail. Our first stop was church, we wanted to take a look, but we had to pay and wait for a tour guide. We didn't have a lot of time so we decided not to. Next to the church was the Old City Hall.

What's really cool about the Freedom Trail is that it's marked with a brick line. I wish I had taken a picture of it. As long as you follow it will take you to the sights. Like South Church.
At this point my phone started to die so I had to switch to my regular camera, which I'm glad that I packed in my bag.
We saw Paul Revere's house, and in front is the original cobblestone street. Very pretty.
Then it was off to the Old North Church. Oh somewhere in there we did eat lunch, nothing fancy. At this point I was super tired. So made our back to the subway to head back to Joe's house. We got back to the car and headed to Joe's, he lives about 20 mins outside of Boston.
A little background on Joe. He and Matt served together on their mission in Russia. They were never companions but they became good friends and they have stayed in contact with each other over the years. I mean I send the guy a Christmas card every year. haha
Okay so at the house I'm so ready for a shower. I'm hot and sweaty and tired. I get cleaned up and dozed off on the couch for a little bit. Then Matt and I want to go out to dinner. We wanted sushi. So we were directed to this little restaurant in a neighboring town. Honestly, I couldn't tell you where.
After dinner we get ice cream at this place called Kimball Farm. We had seen it on our way to the restaurant. It's a neat little place. If you live in AZ it's comparable to Vertucci Farms. There's a mini golf course, small driving range, places to sit and eat BBQ, and of course order homemade ice cream.
We order our ice cream.
That's a small scoop!
Okay, so Joe didn't warn us that we need to get the kiddie size. I ordered a small scoop and by my standards what I got was a large. YIKES!! It's was really good though, but couldn't finish it. Once we were done we headed back to the house to crash.
So that Wraps up Day 1. Stay tuned for Day 2.

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