Friday, August 28, 2015

12 Year Anniversary: Boston Trip Part 3

Okay this is the final chapter of our Boston Trip. Day 3 was not packed, but more restful.


This is our actual anniversary day, 8/2/15.

We attended church with Joe and Katie. After 12 years of being in a family ward, it was different to be in a singles ward. Very quite.

Just before we got to church Matt and I drove by Walden Pond. I was surprised by how big it actually was.

Then on our way into Boston we did a quick stop at the temple.

So pretty. After our photo op we were on our back into town.

We found the church building pretty easily with the directions. It was really neat, all in brick. I wish I had taken a picture. After church we chatted for a few more minutes and then we had to make our way to the airport.

Oh man the lines at the airport in Boston are ridiculous! We made it to our gate a few mins before they were going to board us. We got some dinner, because we were starving.

Unfortunately, because I bought our tickets on Travelocity, we didn't get sit together. :( We were in the same row but in the middle seats. Total bummer. Oh well, but the good thing was that it was a non-stop flight home. It was a bumpy flight due to some crazy going on in the Midwest.

Overall we totally enjoyed ourselves, and I'm ready to go back!

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