Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Arrow of Light

Scott earned his Arrow of Light in Cub Scouts and crossed over into 11 year old scouts! This is a big achievement in Cub Scouts.

He and his den all earned it! We are very proud of him and the boys for accomplishing this step in the Cub Scout program.

If you don't know about the scouting program let me give a little bit of detail. At the age of 8 boys can join Scouts and they start out in Cub Scouts. There are ranks for each age group. They first have to earn their Bobcat badge.

Then when they have done all the requirements they advance in rank to a Wolf.

Once they have turned 9 and have completed the requirements they advance to a Bear.

Then at the age of 10 they can advance to a Webelos.

Then finally when they turn 11 they graduate from the Cub Scouts and cross over into 11 year old scouts. The 11 years are preparing to enter into the Scout program. They start to earn merit badges and are camping a lot more.

Anyways, back to our ceremony.

Some of the boys earning their rank advancements

Waiting for Cub Scout Master to talk about Arrow of Light

Here is what the Arrow of Light means.

The Arrow of Light award is the highest award available to Cub Scouts. It requires the Scout to have earned the Webelos Scout badge and eight activity badges. In addition to the skill and activity requirements of the preceding ranks, the Arrow of Light requires Scouts to learn the Scout Promise, Scout Law, and Scout Motto and visit one meeting and one activity of a Boy Scout troop, in preparation for advancing to the Boy Scouts. Earning the Arrow of Light will help earn many of the requirements for the lower ranks of the Boy Scouts. The Arrow of Light award is the only Cub Scout award that can be worn on a Boy Scout uniform. Both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts wear the badge below the left pocket. Adults wear the square-knot version of the badge above the left pocket. Cub Scouts who earn the Arrow of Light are eligible to join a Boy Scout Troop prior to turning the normally-required age of eleven or in fifth or sixth grade.

Showing Dad his pin

Arrow of Light

Crossing over into 11 year old Scouts and being greeted by his new leader

In our ward we have this bridge that each boy gets to sign after he has crossed over.

getting his new neckchief

This was a great ceremony and they boys had fun. Their new leaders are great men that will teach them a lot in this coming year. We are very proud of Scott and his achievement so far!

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